Mia Thompson displays flexibility and balance during her routine. This image originally appeared in the Dec. 15, 2016, issue of the Times.

20 YEARS AGO: Family finds bear hibernating underneath trailer home

Back in time: A snapshot of history

40 YEARS AGO: Fifty-nine skaters participated in the Raft Mountain Skating Club’s fourth annual Mini Competition. Competitors from seven to 16 years of age skated before three Canada Figure Skating Association judges from Kamloops in 11 categories. A 19 member precision skating team also took part for the first time in the event.

30 YEARS AGO: An overturned truck with two trailers loaded with lumber took a D-8 cat, eight men and three days to clean up. The unit went out of control while coming down Highway 24. The driver and his son (who was in the sleeper at the time) escaped injury.

25 YEARS AGO: A fire on Gaggin Road left a father and his two daughters homeless with no more than clothes. The family was at work and school when the blaze started. They did not have insurance coverage. When Blackpool Fire arrived on scene, the fire was so intense, fire chief Garry Ruston knew he wouldn’t be able to save the home. A temporary home was found for the family to live in for three months while they gathered resources and searched for a new place.

20 YEARS AGO: A man went to crawl underneath his trailer home in an attempt to unfreeze the pipes, when he was met face-to-face with bear hibernating for the winter. The family did admit there was unusual banging under the general location of the bathtub, but figured it was other smaller animals, not a black bear. The conservation officer was called who drove from Kamloops to assess the situation. After investigating, the CO determined the bear to be about three to four years old and 150 to 175 pounds — this was no baby bear, meaning the original plan of dragging the bear out wouldn’t work. A snare was set to attempt to catch the bear.


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