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15 YEARS AGO: Three vehicles destroyed in blaze

Back in time
Chris Roberts almost disappears in whitewater as he kayaks in a stretch of the Clearwater River know as the Slide. This photo originally appeared in the Aug. 12, 2002, issue of the Times.

25 YEARS AGO: A Hinda Civic smashed into a boulder in the center of Highway 5. Lanny Watson’s vehicle was northbound on the highway just south of Wolf’s corner when his vehicle hit and broke the large rock, estimated to be at least a foot across in diameter into several pieces. Fortunately, the small car crossed the centerline, travelling away from the river and rolled over onto its roof in the southbound ditch, leaving Watson trapped and hanging upside down in his seat belt. A number of passing motorists stopped immediately to direct traffic and help.

15 YEARS AGO: Three vehicles were destroyed in a blaze in Clearwater. The Clearwater Volunteer Fire Department responded to a call near Raft River at 12:30 a.m., to find two full-sized pickup trucks and a Honda Civic engulfed in flames at a residence just off the Yellowhead Highway. The vehicles were parked on the edge of a field, more than 100 metres from the house. One of the trucks had a pressurized propane tank on the back which ignited, spewing flames more than five metres into the air. The fire, fortunately, did not spread to the adjacent forest.

5 YEARS AGO: Tom Meland, the former manager of Clearwater Bible Camp, had a mishap when he dislocated his knee cap. The incident occurred while hiking the Triple Decker Falls trail north of Clearwater. Meland was by himself but had his cell phone with him. The route is quite steep and slippery in places with loose dirt. Suddenly the hiker’s knee cap dislocated and he fell heavily. Crews from BC Ambulance and then Wells Gray Search and Rescue arrived to extricate him. Ropes were rigged to pull the stretcher up the steep trail, while SAR members walked alongside to keep the stretcher upright.

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