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1 YEAR AGO: Erik Geisbrecht receives Jack Kotales Memorial Award

Back in time: A snapshot in history
Erik Giesbrecht, left, was awarded the Jack Koteles Award from Okanagan Mainline Amatuer Hockey Association for excellence in community service and a strong commitment to Clearwater Minor Hockey. The award was presented to him by the Clearwater & District Minor Hockey Association vice president Donald Collins. This image originally appeared in the Dec. 24, 2020, issue of the Times.

40 YEARS AGO: Someone attempted to steal the Christmas lights from the Automart Sports store in Clearwater but was foiled by a passing motorist. The motorist, a resident of Clearwater, stated he was diving past the store on the old North Thompson Highway just as someone was pulling the lights off the store at about 2 a.m. He said he slammed on his brakes and started to back up, but the thief hopped into a pick-up and drove away. Nothing was missing and no damage was reported in the incident.

30 YEARS AGO: Now through January was noted the prime time to view moose in Wells Gray Park, according to zone supervisor Earl Sinclair. The area roughly from Pyramid Mountain to Green Mountain is an important moose wintering area, he said. As the snow builds up in the high country more and more are forced down into the area. One Parks employee saw a cow and calf stand alongside the road for about five minutes. A good place to see them is along the Loppet cross-country ski loop.

25 YEARS AGO: Patricia Moen was $35,000 richer after scratching an instant-win ticket she purchased from Safety Mart Bulk Food store, just in time for Christmas. The mother of two daughters aged eight and seven, and a 2.5-year-old son, it was the answer to a prayer. “I’m really happy about it and still in shock,” Moen told the Times. “I was just worried this morning about what I could do to buy presents and dresses. Somebody was listening.” Her plans for her Christmas bonus included paying off all her bills, and getting the presents she wanted but just couldn’t afford beforehand.

20 YEARS AGO: Representatives from the North Thompson Indian Band and Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing singed a memorandum of understanding. The move was described as a “landmark agreement.” Mike Wiegele said it was an historical event, noting “we need to protect what we have here. It’s an incredible place. We need to strive for harmony and prosperity for the present and for our children. The Simpcw people have stories about how they defended the Blue River area against other First Nations, said NTIB chief Nathan Matthew. He added times have changed and “we have to seek ways to live in the contemporary world. That means finding partners in the outside community to protect the environment, and to develop healthy, secure lifestyles.”

15 YEARS AGO: The lucky parents of the first baby born in 2007 between McLure and Little Fort were to find out how many loonies it takes to match the weight of a new baby. Through the generosity of retired area businessman Dave Baines the first baby of the New Year will have his/her weight matched in loonies. Baines noted it would “be a considerable amount” adding it would be about $400 to $500 in loonies.

1 YEAR AGO: Local goalie Erik Giesbrecht was awarded the Jack Koteles Memorial Award for Strong Commitment to Community Service from the Okanagan Mainline Amateur Hockey Association. Coach Ole Kjenstad said the award was for the time and energy Giesbrecht has put into helping coach the younger goalies with teammate Piet Oud. Giesbrecht said it was about “giving them the opportunity we didn’t really have.”

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