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Mystic Musings: We’ve become disconnected from our mystical selves

Sita Rebizant talks about how we need a balance of science and reason, and mysticism.
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Each one of us is a mystic. Every part of creation is mystical. Mystic isn’t a scary word reserved for special people. It’s our essence. We’ve only forgotten.

When the Enlightenment came along it was much needed. False ideas of our innate sinfulness were running rampant and superstition was replacing reason. But the question today is, did we go too far in the other direction?

There’s a place for science and reason, and there’s a place for mysticism. We need both. Immersing ourselves in nature can heal depression. Deep breaths help us to let go of the thinking mind, calming anxiety. Both depression and anxiety seem to be constantly on the rise. Could the disconnect from our mystical selves be the reason? What if they’re not conditions to be fixed, rather signals from our inner wisdom that we need to reconnect with ourselves?

Let’s look at some of the things that have been helping. Yoga, meditation, chanting, singing, drumming, dancing, acupuncture, qigong and reiki — just to name a few. The sanskrit word “yoga” literally means “union,” referring to union of body, mind and spirit. Is it possible that we’ve created some false divisions within ourselves that need reuniting?

Medical doctor and author Gabor Mate shares his views on this in his book When the Body Says No. He feels that the separation of body and mind is the biggest mistake made by Western medicine, with tragic results. Many others have observed the same, as he writes, but their contributions disappeared, as if perhaps censored.

So why is his book a bestseller? I think it’s because the time has come for this shift to happen. Not to detract from the brilliance of his books, but to add that he has the power of all those who were suppressed before him now behind him, as the Universe persists in bringing us back into balance. Perhaps we all do.

What truths have you been seeing or feeling but holding back from sharing? Who might be standing behind you as you dare speak up? After centuries of persecution, it’s no wonder we’re hesitant or downright terrified of reclaiming our mystical voice. But the world needs it.

We don’t have to be afraid anymore. It’s already happening. Dr. Mate writes about a new science called, “psychoneuroimmunology.” Simply put, it’s about the connection between physical conditions and the psyche. He writes of this new field: “We are discovering the scientific basis of what we have known before and have forgotten, to our great loss.”

This field of study is just one of many indicators that our world is changing in a good way. So much wisdom was lost in the past few centuries, and we won’t be able to change our trajectory if we don’t reclaim it. We are being asked to question things we have believed all our lives.

That’s never easy, but the current state of our planet — and our body/mind — demands it.

Sita Rebizant is a resident of Clearwater and author of the book Safe, Loved and Free: How hitting rock bottom inspired by awakening and led me to the life and love I’d always longed for.

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