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Mystic Musings: The law of attraction

Explore the law of attraction to support positive change

I came upon the ideas in the law of attraction several years before hearing the term. It was my meditations and reading on the yogic teachings of the chakra system, as well as Buddhist principles, which introduced me to the idea that it is our internal lives that create our external ones. I learned first hand that by transforming fear into trust as a meditation exercise, I could not only feel stronger and more confident about my life but I could even open myself to experiences that helped reduce those fears.

For example, in the first year after my overseas move back to Winnipeg, alone with my six year old son and a rapidly dwindling savings account to live on, I was in a situation that would have normally caused much fear or even panic. Several job prospects presented themselves but none worked out for longer than a month or two. In this way, I managed to keep paying my bills while continuing my inner search for whatever my true calling was.

I meditated every morning for thirty minutes to an hour on my root chakra (at the base of the spine) and found that, in addition to turning my fear into a calm assurance that all would be well with us, there were also manifestations in the material world that strengthened that conviction. Unexpected cheques would arrive in the mail and this, along with the short-term jobs, enabled me to keep going from month to month. There were no long-term guarantees, but as time passed and these events continued, my faith in my ability to co-create my life grew.

Through much soul searching in that period, I found myself eventually leading meditation groups in which I felt particularly called to introduce this way of life to others.

In order to allow more good into our lives, it is necessary to remove the hidden blocks we are carrying. There are negative beliefs that you are not aware of and they have co-created the life you are living now. Creating a new life involves more than just attracting more positive. It’s more than just making lists and vision boards of what you want to have. It means becoming aware of and releasing all the negative beliefs you have that are blocking you from manifesting these desires.

For years, I have watched every single person who participated in my class change their lives for the better. Bringing self-critical beliefs into our conscious minds can be a painful process. As long as they remain hidden, we don’t have to face our self-rejecting thoughts. But those who were willing to do this work, always experienced changes like better health, better relationships, more job satisfaction and a general increase in happiness. More than anything, this approach to life gave them a sense of empowerment over their lives, as it had for me years before.

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