Local author Sita Rebizant is a Clearwater resident. (Stephanie Hagenaars/Clearwater Times)

Local author Sita Rebizant is a Clearwater resident. (Stephanie Hagenaars/Clearwater Times)

Mystic Musings: Just be

We’ve hit rock bottom and we all know intuitively that something has to change.

Have you ever experienced a spontaneous feeling of deep peace? Perhaps suddenly one day while surrounded by nature, or doing something where you just zoned out? Like time stood still and in place of all worries, you felt a deep understanding that everything was perfect – just for a few seconds?

Most people have felt this way at some point in their lives, yet few talk about it. The risk of being misunderstood or even ridiculed has been too high. Have you ever tried telling someone about an experience of synchronicity, only to have them dismiss it as a coincidence? Sometimes we don’t even recognize that we’re having a mystical experience, because we’ve lost touch with that part of ourselves. It hasn’t always been this way. For far too long, we’ve neglected to nurture our mystical side, with painful results. What’s exciting now is, we’re finally opening up to it again, and none too soon.

There’s a lot of darkness in our world right now, and that’s largely due to the disconnection with our mystical selves. If you don’t feel that part of yourself, you won’t be able to feel how connected it is to every other living thing on the planet. When you don’t feel connected to something, you don’t take care of it. Love is one word for this energy that connects us.

I awoke to this feeling of connection more than 30 years ago, while sitting on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. I was watching the waves ebb and flow, and my breathing started to follow the rhythm of the waves. Breathe in as the water is pulled out, and breathe out as it crashes onto the shore, until the last little trickle of water makes its way through the sand, then breathe in again.

Something changed in me that day. I started to see things differently, yet in a way that seemed familiar. I had dabbled in meditation before that but I got serious about it a couple of years later. When you experience your mystical nature but try to ignore it, your life may start to feel joyless. Mine did in those two years, which thankfully led me to making meditation a regular practice, because it brought back the joy.

When you feel yourself opening up to something bigger, don’t discard it, cover it up with your busyness or explain it away with your rational mind. The time has come where we no longer have to hide or deny this side of ourselves. As a collective, we’ve hit rock bottom and we all know intuitively that something has to change.

Be the change, as one famous mystic once said. Be the light that the world so desperately needs right now. Just slow down, be quiet and breathe. Listen for the messages of the trees and the birds. Send your love to the mountains and your gratitude to the sky. You will feel it come back to you and you will know that all is well.

Sita Rebizant is a resident of Clearwater and author of the book Safe, Loved and Free: How hitting rock bottom inspired by awakening and led me to the life and love I’d always longed for.


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