Hands being held (Pixabay.com)

Hands being held (Pixabay.com)

Exploring death and what happens in the afterlife

Have you ever looked around you and asked yourself this question: “What is my purpose for living?”

Many would answer that their purpose for living is their family, their jobs, their homes, maybe relationships, entertainment, pets, fun or anything else that can bring a measure of happiness. Have you ever looked up and wondered if there is a possibility that there may be a God who cares about this question?

As I get older, I realize that each one of our lives is short. In fact, we wonder, if in two generations from now, anyone will even remember us at all. This is a difficult thought. In these days of busyness and multiple stresses, the tendency is to live each day the best we can, trying to make ends meet and doing our best to help ourselves and those we love.

I read a story a while ago of a man’s sudden, unexpected death. You may have read about it. It was just a regular day, he got up in the morning, got dressed and went about his day, as usual. He stopped in a drive-thru to get a morning coffee, but made a mistake at the pick-up window. He dropped his credit car, opened the door to pick it up, and the car jumped forward. His head hit a metal post and he died instantly. A very tragic story!

Our lives are like breath. One hour we are here, living each day, without a thought of a sudden death like this, and the next hour we could be gone. Are we prepared to die? We all will. Some of us will die unexpectedly like this man, other after a long illness, the result of an accident or for many other reasons. We don’t know how we will die, but it is inevitable.

Death is an unpopular subject, many tell themselves they will live a long time anyway, so why think about it? When we find ourselves facing our inevitable death, as well as living without purpose, we lose hope. Living without hope can result in depression, anxiety or despair, therefore, many try to fill their lives with anything to help them diminish this pain.

What happens after we die? Is there an after life? Can our personal awareness transcend physical decay? There are many options for what the word “heaven” means. Some ask if it even exists, while others imagine it is a place of bliss where good people go when they die. Some believe in reincarnation — the rebirth of a soul in a new body.

Is there a God who determines all of this? Some don’t think of this word “God” at all, or decide that he is whatever they think he is.

What, then, is the truth about what happens after we die? Is there any way we can know for sure what really happens? The answer is absolutely yes. We can know for sure that there is a real heaven and a very real God who has made a way for us to have life forever there. It ends up as our choice whether to see the truth about him or simply rely on our imagination.

There is hope for every person.

Marguerite Meland is a Clearwater resident and author of Out of the Mouth of Children, (as Chloe Windslow). Her book can be purchased on Amazon.


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