Ruddock Creek project moving ahead

Production from a proposed lead-zinc mine at Ruddock Creek could begin in 2018

Production from a proposed lead-zinc mine at Ruddock Creek could begin in 2018, according to Jim Miller-Tait, exploration manager with Imperial Metals Corporation In a presentation made to Clearwater town council’s infrastructure committee on Oct. 21, Miller-Tait said that preliminary assessments have been done and they are currently focusing on permitting for production.

Details of the presentation were included in the committee’s minutes, which were released during the town council meeting held Jan. 6.

A new power-line would need to be installed, the company spokesperson said. It is anticipated that power will be brought in from Mica Dam to the east. This would use, in part, an existing power-line.

Bringing the power in from Avola to the west might not be feasible due to inadequate capacity.

The mining company is using diesel generators for power during the exploration phase.

It is anticipated that there will be a workforce of approximately 250 during the construction phase. Labor and materials are to be sourced from Clearwater as much as possible.

Once production begins the workforce would be about 150, working a two weeks in, two weeks out rotation.

There would be no tailings pond. The procedure would be to mix the tailings with concrete and then pump it back underground.

Life span of the mine is anticipated to be a minimum of 10 years.

Imperial Metals also owns the Mount Polley mine in the Cariboo, site of a major tailings pond breach last summer.

Last fall, the Neskonlith Indian Band issued an eviction notice against the Ruddock Creek project. A few weeks later, vandals partially burned a bridge on the road leading to the project.

The proposed Ruddock Creek mine is located about 30 km east of Avola near Tum Tum Lake.