Egram Homes holds open house in Clearview Estates

A total of 50 people turned up for the official opening of Clearview Estates on Sunday, Sept. 25

(l-r) Ernie Gylytiuk

(l-r) Ernie Gylytiuk

A total of 50 people turned up for the official opening of Clearview Estates on Sunday, Sept. 25.

“People were surprised that we got that many out in Clearwater,” commented Ernie Gylytiuk, one of the developers. “There were at least two who were very interested in purchasing a home.”

Clearview Estates is a new kind of development for this area – a subdivision made up of a planned 16 duplex units for a total of 32 households.

The development appears to be in line with plans by local government to “densify” the community. Many believe that the scattered nature of settlement in Clearwater has acted as a major impediment to economic growth.

The development will have two sizes of homes – 929 sq. ft and 1129 sq. ft., said Ramesh Sharma, the other principal with the development company, Egram Homes.

“The idea is we are giving great flexibility,” he said. “The smaller homes would be ideal for a retired couple while the larger ones would suit a family. Don’t forget that they all come with full basements, which could be finished to effectively double the available space.”

Base price for one of the smaller homes is $229,000, and there are a wide variety of options available for such things as finishes, fixtures and appliances.

All the units will be manufactured off-site, which the company says gives cost savings of up to 40 per cent per square foot.

At present the development consists of one unit that contains two of the larger homes. Two more units, each containing two of the smaller homes, should be set up in the near future.

Both the principals of Egram Homes are from Vernon.

Gylytiuk is a retired police officer that is involved in the security business. Sharma is a medical doctor who trained in England but who is not practising at present.


The pair started working together about four years ago. They have built a number of homes elsewhere but Clearview Estates is their first large development.