Kay Knox

Raising money for Challengers

Event at Clearwater Elks Hall helps out Challengers group

Rotary holds garage sale

Event at Rotary Sports Park in Clearwater attracts crowd

Book-signing for field guide

Roland Neave signs a copy of the sixth edition of his book, Exploring Wells Gray Park, for Chance Breckenridge

Writers’ Circle holds book launch

Collected Works 2014 contains stories, poems, sketches and photographs by local writers and photographers and artists

New seniors program begins with gardening talk

Lynne Frizzle was introduced as the senior co-ordinator who has been hired for the term of the grant

Opportunities for Seniors

We seniors in Clearwater and area are fortunate in the number of grants and studies to assist us.

TrekkingTales: I was happy being a dinosaur!

Modern airport travel presents challenges to those without the correct "apps"

Shane Petre wins Rotary Richard prize

Rotary Richard fell into Dutch Lake at 4:01 a.m. on March 22 as the ice melted

Trekking Tales: Balmy winter’s offerings

To our surprise we saw maxi-spray from Dawson Falls. Later we saw why

TrekkingTales: My Grandmother’s Story, slightly edited

In December, 1948 my grandmother came to Brisbane, Australia from Minneapolis (US), where my mother was born, to visit our family

TREKKING TALES: Encounters with wildlife

Captivating, painful, and just plain dumb encounters with wildlife

Trekking Tales: Kindness in Newfoundland, part 2

We learned to relax and let things happen slowly and to soak up the hospitality

Trekking Tales: Kindness in Newfoundland

“Are you lost? Can I help?” he asked. For once we did not need directions.

Trying new stuff!

Seniors enjoy games at new drop-in centre at Dutch Lake Community Centre

Observing critters (or trying to) doing critter things

The first time I saw evidence of the way mouse-size critters travel beneath the snow was in Kaslo

Trekking Tales: North to Alaska, part six

As we ventured south on an overnight trip into Atlin, B.C., rain coming down heavier

Trekking Tales: North to Alaska, part five

Fairbanks, Wildlife, and More – In late August, we reached Delta Junction, official end of the Alaska Highway

Trekking Tales: North to Alaska, part four

In Whitehorse, rooms were available for that night only; all were full the following night because of the prime minister and his retinue

North to Alaska – Part 3: Onward to the Yukon

We were still many miles from the Yukon and over a week away from arriving in Alaska. Fall colours of varied flora

Girl Guides gather

All members of Guiding in Clearwater now meet at the same time and place