Needing stronger democratic agencies

How can we bring in the global governance we need to solve our global problems, but at the same time avoid sterile centralization?

Renew Canadian peacekeeping

United Nations peacekeeping has been growing quickly in both the number and size of missions. What has happened to Canada?

Tea Party better off paying taxes

Let us hope that Tea Party extremism goes the way of the Sarah Palin presidential campaign

Highway access needs plan

Clearwater has suffered for years from lack of planning. One of the most obvious examples of this is highway access

Space shuttle program ends

The people alive today have two missions. The first is to ensure that planet Earth remains viable. The second is to develop self-sustaining advanced life-forms in Space

Discrimination still a problem

The Walk4Justice is a good reminder that, even though we owe them a great deal, we non-native Canadians have generally not treated our indigenous neighbors well

Mayor pushes for generators

According to the more extreme predictions on the effects of global warming, by 2080 the area around Clearwater could look much like Kamloops does today - with forest on the hills but bunch grass and sagebrush in the valley bottom