Survival techniques combined

An alternate might be that mutualism between wolves and humans began in a manner similar to cooperation between killer whales and whalers

Cocaine is a terrible thing

All of us make mistakes in life. Although all the facts are not yet in, it appears that Stu Seib has made a big one

Electronic passports can wait

The real story is the Montreal man found someone working for CBP who was prepared to act like a human being

Food for thought – before food banks

Younger people probably find it hard to believe that food banks were unknown until just a few decades ago

Moving forward in the year 2012

What sort of year will 2012 be for Clearwater and the upper North Thompson Valley?

UNPA good for India and world

Suddenly, the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly no longer seems a dream, but possible - even inevitable

Local operator has little control

Those making the most noise seem to forget that just over one year ago, Clearwater had the lowest priced gasoline in British Columbia

Pollution issues still cause concern

Organization of African States possibly could act unilaterally to end climate change

Wall Street movement re-groups

Some believe the Occupy Wall Street movement is winding down in New York and around the world

Exploring space for growth crisis

The Earth's human population passed 7 billion recently, according to the United Nations.

That's a lot of people

Residents show interest in community at recent forum

Well over 100 people turned out for last Tuesday’s all candidates’ forum

Three forums planned for candidates

If you’re interested in local politics you’ll have plenty of opportunities to feed your habit during the next three weeks

Mega-contracts a big mistake by the federal government

When we look at the federal government's decision to bundle its shipbuilding into two mega-contracts, we can only give our heads a shake

Will Wall Street activists form new political movement?

AdBusters headquarters in Vancouver is just a few blocks from where the meetings were held that led to the formation of Greenpeace

Life of Apple founder contains important lessons

The founder of Apple Computers and the man who brought us the Mac, the iMac, the iPod, the iPad, the iPhone and a host of other technological innovations passed away last Wednesday of cancer. He was 56.

Upgrades planned for field station

Why get excited because Thompson Rivers University has developed plans for a new education and research facility for Wells Gray Park?

Interested in a local council seat?

Want to make a real difference in the community you live in? Then consider running for a position in local government or school board

More tools needed to combat cybercrime

A recent study found the global cost of cybercrime to be $114 billion annually. This compares with the world’s cocaine market of $85 billion

Ending the wealthy gravy train

Warren Buffett recently created a furor by writing an opinion piece in the New York Times titled, “Stop coddling the super-rich.”

Chocolate factory in Clearwater?

People who want to continue living here are going to have to do some entrepreneurial thinking to create new ways of making a living