News businesses and the newspaper should support one another

If a business doesn’t support the newspaper by advertising, then it would be a bit unusual for us to support them

Gazing through a telescope

One of the more extraordinary things a person can do is look through a telescope and see the rings of Saturn

Sports and recreation can be basis for economic renewal

The people of the upper North Thompson Valley have traditionally had a interest in sports ... building on those strengths only makes sense

Think tank presents four scenarios for the future

The Great Transition looks like the best option, according to Tellus Institute

Theatre group provides entertainment

For those who missed them, last week’s performances by our local After Hours Theatre group at Serenity Center were definitely worthwhile

End windshield time for public servants

Kinder Morgan prefers to have boots on the ground to more paper pushers in head office

Rural schools have advantages

The big advantage with growing up in a small town is the opportunity to become well-rounded individuals

We need a global carbon tax

The world burns about 30 billion tonnes of fossil fuel per year. A carbon tax of $30 per tonne would raise about $900 billion/year

A cairn next to an access road to the Columbia Icefield marks where the glacier reached in the year 1925. Since then the ice has receded far up the mountain.

Columbia Icefield shows effects of climate change

We need meaningful international action to reduce climate change and to mitigate its effects. And we need it now

A cairn next to an access road to the Columbia Icefield marks where the glacier reached in the year 1925. Since then the ice has receded far up the mountain.

Readership numbers difficult to predict

The Times has always been a paid subscription newspaper for Clearwater and area residents. We believe that makes for a better newspaper

Times to start charging for Internet editions

The next generation of electronic news coming soon to the Clearwater-North Thompson Times

Katimavik budget cuts hurt youth

The best way to ensure old people get their pensions tomorrow is to invest in young people today

Educate, enforce, save from extinction

Unfortunately for those who seek simple solutions, both sides seem to have legitimate arguments to back up their statements

British Columbia’s forest tenure system needs a complete overhaul

If the provincial government doesn’t want to maintain the forests, it should hand off the job to local governments and First Nations

Roundabout pros and cons

The roundabout idea has merit but it needs more work. The Ministry and District should develop a long-term highway access plan

Wiegele unhappy with reference to heli-skiing

It was a tough assignment, but somebody had to do it

Communities working together

If we can work together we can achieve great things

Tea for all at Helmcken Falls

A teahouse at Helmcken Fall would encourage them to stay longer, not just at the falls, but in the Clearwater-Wells Gray region

Attitudes need changing to implement better income inequality strategy

Redistributing income and wealth doesn’t necessarily mean bigger government. In fact, it should mean less government in the long run

Giving thought to business tax

Why do we tax businesses at several times the rate we tax residences?