Time to start thinking about running in next November’s election

Does Mayor John Harwood plan to run again in next fall's municipal elections?

Technology changing all industries

Forestry, tourism, agriculture and so on all seem to be having revolutions every week

Times editor asks, “Where’s the heat?”

The physics of global warming are relatively simple to understand – if you ignore the clouds of confusion

Online voting has big implications

The Internet offers the state opportunities for surveillance and control. It also offers opportunities to control the state

Spray park for Clearwater should get our support

There are some projects that come along that just seem right

Canada cut backs on peacekeeping

he Canadian military formerly was one of the primary contributors towards peacekeeping. Today, we rank 54th

We’ve moved on

The McLure Wildfire started 10 years ago on July 30, 2003

Wells Gray Community Forest deserves more public interest

One of democracy's weaknesses is that 90 per cent of the people tend not to get involved 90 per cent of the time

Co-terminus fire protection service deserves a signature

Many people, especially those recently from an urban environment, mistakenly think that, if they have a fire, the fire department will come

World Heritage Year could be a major turning point

Wells Gray World Heritage Year already is a big deal

Ministry promises to improve safety

MOTI to re-evaluate Highway 5 from Heffley Creek to Clearwater under new safety criteria

Roundabout debate has lost sense of proportion

Some people in Clearwater and area must have waaaay too much time on their hands

Calculating existential risks

One way and another, the Cambridge Project for Existential Risks will have enough to keep itself busy

Healthy Forests-Healthy Communities dialog could lead to positive change

Don't forget to take part in the Healthy Forests-Healthy Communities dialog session planned for Saturday, Jan. 19 at the Wells Gray Inn

Recent tragedy means the rest of us must try harder

Two bright lights that everyone had expected would help illuminate the community’s future, Skye and Courtney Buck, had suddenly been lost

North Thompson Valley residents should control Valley resources

The Valley has some of the best and most diverse forests in the province. Very little of that wood is processed here

North Thompson bus deficit needs a small business solution

Is it time to introduce more competition into B.C.'s inter-city bus industry?

Emergency preparedness should be an ongoing effort

The recent earthquake on Haida Gwai plus Hurricane Sandy on the east coast of North America are reminders of the necessity of being prepared

Financial studies show results

Three-quarters (75 per cent) of B.C. residents believe they have an “excellent/good” level of financial knowledge

Trying to be fair with letters to the editor

One of the best measures of a community newspaper’s readership is how many local letters to the editor it receives