Canada absorbs more carbon than it emits, says Rambling Man

Times editor uses Highway 5 roundabout in his reply

Ontario’s Climate Action Plan undermines case for carbon pricing

Putting a price on CO2 production is the best way to reduce emissions but only if regulations and subsidies are eliminated

Canadian common sense: Petition e-297

Climate scientist Dr. James Hansen endorses petition for Canada-wide carbon fee-and-dividend

Temporary moratorium on Upper Clearwater letters

It is not helpful for people to use the Times' opinion page as a place to throw barbs at each other

Welcome back, Cathy McLeod!

Iin other areas many Conservative MPs simply ignored calls from the media. McLeod has always responded to us

People get the politicians they deserve

That's the way the game is played. Politicians of every party always bring out the goody bag just before the election

Small town newspapers are the soul of their communities

Some news organizations are thriving in the new environment. Others are struggling

Reform of United Nations must be a global priority

Last week (Oct. 17 – 26) was the Global Week of Action for a World Parliament

It takes a team to produce a newspaper

Everyone involved is proud to have a part in producing one of Canada's best small town newspapers

Book explores the coming obsolence of people

Don't worry too much about global warming. Nuclear proliferation and the arms race? Trifling matters

If you think it’s broken, help fix it

Local governments provide communities with essential infrastructure

Compromise needed for Upper Clearwater controversy

Canfor-Vavenby should give up its logging rights in the west slope of Trophy Mountain and transfer them to Wells Gray Community Forest

Valley should have better interface fire protection

In 2003 the McLure Fire tore through Louis Creek, destroying or damaging 72 homes and nine businesses

Treasure hunt organizers issue five per cent challenge

Is it possible to increase the area's tourist industry by $1 million by investing less than $4,000?

TRU Wilderness Center should work on caribou capture and release

University researchers at the center could work together with local forest companies, First Nations and environmentalists

Clearwater’s hospital should have a heli-pad

We've been writing editorials in favour of the idea for many years. What's the delay?

Editor recycles old opinion piece about new use for Dutch Lake

The property contains a large natural amphitheatre, capable of holding (by your editor's estimate) at least 5,000 people

Question of the Week gives a voice to everyone

Our readers are almost sure to let us know about it if we miss doing Question of the Week

Schools cross-country ski programs are worthwhile

Cross-country skiing is a lifetime sport. You can do it when you are 90 years old

Aviva win shows small town spirit

The win was the result of many months of hard work by members of the PAC and others