Year: 2014

2015: the year of climate adaptation
Forget whether your SUV is causing climate change. It's time to prepare of mega-fires and water conflict with the U.S. Pacific Northwest

Tom Fletcher / December 30, 2014

Winners get cash awards
Winners of the Times' Christmas story contest show off their winnings

Keith McNeill / December 28, 2014

Top academic grad
A proud-looking Sarah Dohms holds the Governor General's award she received during an awards assembly held at Clearwater Secondary School

Keith McNeill / December 28, 2014

Voices United perform
Members of the Voices United Choir perform at Clearwater Community Baptist Church

Keith McNeill / December 27, 2014

A carbon price for Canada?
James Hansen has studied climate change for over 30 years. Over that time his alarm has grown steadily

Wire Service / December 27, 2014

New councillor gets sworn in
Greffard missed a swearing in ceremony held Dec. 2 because of a prior business committment

Keith McNeill / December 26, 2014