Writer encourages you to vote with caution

Democracy doesn’t come cheap but in Christy’s case, it’s not democracy we get

Editor, The Times:

Corporate Christy is well on her way to buying another four years of power with our money.

Democracy doesn’t come cheap but in Christy’s case, it’s not democracy we get, its corporate-ocracy. Government of the corporations, by the corporations, for the corporations

Now I know that some of you are doing quite well under Christy’s reign but how well will you be doing when your education system, health care system, vehicle insurance and hydro power are all privatized, as in Alberta under the former Conservation government? Case in point, in Alberta a $30 monthly natural gas heating bill actually costs an additional $65 of extra charges for a total of $95 under a privatized system.

Just ask the Fraser Institute and they will tell you the private is better than a public services. Better for who? Why the one per cent of the wealthy and the corporations that’s who. Certainly not you or I.

Another case in point, in education, it took 15 years and millions of dollars before Christy’s government could be forced by the Supreme Court of Canada to honor their contractual commitments to public education.

The Mount Polley tailings pond disaster was another example of the Clarke government’s turning the regulation of the mining industry over to the mining industry themselves, where the only concern is the immediate bottom line. The public is now having to pay a large portion of the cost of the clean up.

I was just saying to my friend, the Rambling Man, who questioned me on why the NDP was not holding Clark’s con-liberals to account on their record. We need to discuss this situation at a meeting to be held in the centre of the roundabout, beside a logging truck holding the last load of logs from the Upper Clearwater.

To end this scattered article I encourage you to vote, but also to caution you that a vote for the Green Party is a vote for Christy Clark.

Wes Morden

Blackpool, B.C.