Donald Trump has been a disaster

When the world’s biggest power pulls of the Paris Accord, this is an awful state of affairs

Editor, The Times:

It would seem that those who deny global warming are, in the main, those who won’t admit the total disaster that Donald Trump really is.

There are certain business leaders who yatter off about how Donald Trump really knows how to “balance a check book.”

Actually, given Trump’s record of bankruptcies and lawsuits, this simply isn’t true.

To quote Matt Taibbi, “Similar to his financial empire, every part of his political coalition was either borrowed temporary, inherited or acquired by fraud. And the notes are all coming due.”

As I write, this “due” is hurricane Irma bearing down upon Cuba, then on to Florida. Irma is a “super storm” – possibly nothing like it has been seen before.

Actually, the science is quite simple. As the surface of the ocean heats up, the resulting moving air builds and builds.Who knows how high and powerful this can become?

Irma is just giving a taste now of what was predicted quite a while ago.

Of course, there have always been climate warming deniers.

Exxon sat on data that they had accumulated proving that the planet was definitely warming.

B.C.’s own Fraser Institute has been financed by the notorious Koch brothers and others to produce data disproving the planet is heating up.

But when the world’s biggest economy and military power has a leader whose first action was to pull the US of A out of the Paris Accord, this really is an awful state of affairs.

Trump, surrounded by his gang of imbeciles, brain dead and outright criminals, plows ahead.

As Mother Earth rears up and punishes the rest of us – endless forest fires, huge winds, ground water polluted by “fracking,” for the way we have misused “her,” we certainly don’t need a Donald Trump in charge.

Dennis Peacock

Clearwater, B.C.