Youngsters at Raft River Elementary School check out two soccer balls donated to the school by Clearwater Elks. For more about what the Elks have been doing for the community, see the letter on page A4.

Clearwater Elks 499 make a report

Already we have begun making donations to our community

Editor, The Times:

This newsletter from Clearwater Elks 499 is to all of our wonderful friends and supporters of our pancake breakfasts, senior workshops, bazaars and hall rentals.

Our breakfasts started another season on the last Saturday in April and already we have begun making donations to our community: Clearwater Highway Rescue, Clearwater Fire Department, Blackpool Fire Department, Clearwater Soccer Association, and $1,000 to Cassidy Redman to help her achieve her goals in life. Good job, Cassidy. Keep up the good work.

Elks teddy bears were also handed out to said organizations except Cassidy. Did you want a teddy bear, Cassidy? If you do, phone me (Phyllis 250-674-3535).

I believe that no matter how old we are, male or female, we can secretly take comfort from a hug from a teddy bear. Elk teddy bears give a little extra squeeze, I think!

I would like to thank Clearwater Fire Department for their help getting set up and closing down every Saturday.

Thank you to Greffards for the help in making our Canada Day so enjoyable.

Thank you to the Royal Purple Elks for your help.

How are you doing, Doug? Feeling better I hope.

We, the Clearwater Elks 499, are so very proud of our town and grateful for your support. See you at breakfast.

Oh! Oh! We had a glitch – our griddle broke down. Thank you to Can-West for your PB help and donation making it possible for us to continue.

Phyllis Bucknell

Clearwater Elks 499


Staff and students at Vavenby Primary School celebrate the donation of two soccer balls for the school by Clearwater Elks. Photos submitted

Clearwater Elks donate teddy bears to Clearwater Volunteer Fire Department to help comfort trauma victims. Pictured are (l-r) Debbie Mattenley, Chance Breckenridge, Marnie Burnell and Wayne Wysoski.

Clearwater Elks members Marnie Burnell (l) and Earl Tomyn present a $100 cheque plus a teddy bear and soccer ball prizes Melody Romeo for the Bike Rodeo safety program for youngsters.