‘It only lacks your presence’: truth, art, words and the legacy of Gord Downie

The Tragically Hip frontman died Tuesday night

Liabilities of a rapacious industry

Although climate change is a reality, our reliance on it to shrug off certain environmental changes is often overdone.

  • Oct 19th, 2017

Legion raises $3,000 for cenotaph

Surf and Turf dinner was very successful

  • Oct 18th, 2017

B.C. VIEWS: Salmon farm smear campaign sinks

John Horgan, Lana Popham have to face reality now

View from SD73: District has a needs list, not a wish list

Since 2001, School District 73 has seen only $10.7 million in capital spending

  • Oct 13th, 2017

Responding to climate change means thinking differently

The Rambling Man was right on some points, but wrong about climate change

Dan Coleman Classic cross-country run 2017


    Clearwater Kayak Festival 2017


      A look inside the world of virtual reality
      • 3 hours ago


      Raw Video: Field of Screams
      • 8 hours ago


      Millennials are fed up with climate dismissives

      My generation knows the urgency that is needed to act on climate change

      • Oct 8th, 2017

      Safeguarding public confidence in B.C.’s forest management

      The Association of BC Forest Professionals helps ensure that B.C.’s forests are well managed

      • Oct 6th, 2017

      LETTER: Scientific consensus favours human-caused warming

      Sierra Club B.C. campaigner responds to Tom Fletcher column

      • Oct 5th, 2017

      B.C. VIEWS: Getting past the homeless rhetoric

      Politicians treat citizens protecting neighbourhoods as the problem

      Parental leave should be used equally

      The 100 Mile Free Press’s editorial for Sept. 28

      Taxpayer revolt coming amid financial burden

      I see most people will be giving at least 50 per cent of their earnings for taxation

      • Oct 9th, 2017

      Trump pulling Canada into a NAFTA quagmire

      Canada should not believe that traditional Canadian-U.S. goodwill will prevail with the president

      • Oct 4th, 2017

      Donald Trump has been a disaster

      When the world’s biggest power pulls of the Paris Accord, this is an awful state of affairs

      • Oct 2nd, 2017

      B.C. VIEWS: Fanning fear of fire and flood

      Here’s real evidence for our record wildfire season

      Do the crime, pay the time

      I would encourage everyone to contact their politicians, to get stiffer penalties for serious crimes

      • Oct 1st, 2017

      Facing up to tragedy and injustice is the first step to healing

      What if your children were taken to a place where they would cry themselves to sleep every night?

      • Sep 30th, 2017

      Reducing the risk of wildfire – The time for action is now

      Forest Practices Board has reported on implementing the 2003 Filmon recommendations

      • Sep 29th, 2017

      Will Americans wake up to climate change in time?

      Donald Trump undoing anything that the Obama administration did in relation to climate change

      • Sep 26th, 2017

      B.C. VIEWS: Politicians loot public treasury

      John Horgan’s sudden reversal puts parties on welfare