An excavator sits in a large hole in Robson Street in Clearwater as work to install new water and sewer lines, plus improve stormwater drainage, gets underway. Work has also begun on a multi-use pathway along Park Drive. Photo by Keith McNeill

Work on sewer, water and trail contracts underway

Busy construction season for the Robson Street/Park Drive area

By Keith McNeill

Work on the Robson Street sanitary sewer replacement project continues.

The project began on July 4 and is scheduled to be complete by July 25.

A total of 65 m of gravity sewer line, 100 m of water main, 20 m of storm sewer and 730 square-meters of asphalt surface are being replaced.

The sewer pipe will stay in service during construction.

Extensive excavation of the existing pipe is making the end of Robson Street (towards Park Drive) impassable for approximately three weeks.

On Tuesday, June 6, town council approved awarding a $205,000 contract to Borrow Enterprises to replace part of the Robson Street sewer, install a storm drainage system for Robson Street, and relocate the Park Drive water-main.

A video inspection done in 2015 revealed that 65 metres of the sewer at the east end of Robson Street had several collapsed sections that had been previously repaired by placing culvert over the pipe.

An intense rainfall event during the summer of 2016 resulted in significant flooding along Robson Street. Proposed curbing along Park Drive, as well as the paved multi-use path, are expected to potentially add even more water in a future event.

The relocation of the water main along Park Drive would enable the water and sewer pipes to be crossed by Kinder Morgan in one boring operation. The pipeline company has agreed tentatively to pay for its share but needs final approval from its board of directors. The water main relocation is a deletable item in the contract should Kinder Morgan not provide funding.

multi-use path will be good

Tree removal has begun to create a multi-use path from near the Buy-Low shopping centre and the roundabout to the hospital driveway.

The project will consist of a wide asphalt path for walkers and other users plus modest drainage improvements.

Borrow Enterprises has the $280,000 contract to construct the multi-use pathway.

The path is to be completed by mid-September.