TNRD adds to Dunn Lake evacuation order

The people of Little Fort can go home, at least for now


While the people of Little Fort can go home, one more home in the Dunn Lake area has had to evacuate.

“A rapidly moving wildfire currently located in Electoral Area “O” continues to threaten properties north of Dunn Lake, resulting in the need to expand the current Evacuation Order surrounding Dunn Lake,” reads the Evacuation Order.

“Because of the potential danger to life and health, the Thompson-Nicola Regional District has ordered everyone to evacuate 9700 Dunn Lake Road.”

All evacuees should report to the Emergency Social Services (ESS) Reception Centre at Thompson Rivers University (TRU) old gymnasium, 900 McGill Road in Kamloops, BC.

“It is also suggested that evacuees turn off the power and propane to their residences.”

Evacuation Order Dunn Expanding July 11, 2017 1500hrs by Carmen Weld on Scribd



The people of Little Fort can go home, at least for now.

In an order effective at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, July 11, the evacuation order for Little Fort was rescinded.

The rescinding order was signed by John Ranta, chair of the Thompson-Nicola Regional District.

An evacuation alert remains in effect and people are cautioned that the evacuation order may need to be reissued if the risk warrants.

Little Fort residents were ordered from their homes on Friday evening, July 7, after fires that began that afternoon bracketed the town on two sides.

Population of the community is about 300 to 350 but it is not know how many left during the evacuation order.

The Little Fort Store remained open to provide gasoline and other essentials to people evacuating from other jurisdictions plus serve the crews fighting the fires in the area.

During the wildfires of 2003, the people of Little Fort were ordered to leave and then allowed to return several times.

An evacuation order for Dunn Lake and Hallamore Lake areas northeast of Little Fort remain in effect.

An evacuation alert remains in place for East Blackpool as far north as the boundary with District of Clearwater.


Map shows the area in and around Little Fort that was covered by an evacuation order that was cancelled Tuesday afternoon, July 11. The area continues to be in an evacuation alert.