RCMP Report: Serious collision south of Blue River

A white tractor had been traveling northbound down Messiter Summit when it went off the road

Clearwater RCMP report that, just after midnight on Saturday, June 24, police received a report of an injury commercial vehicle collision on Highway 5 near Blue River.

Police attended the scene, which was near Gamble Creek. A white tractor had been traveling northbound on the highway down Messiter Summit when it went off the road to the right into a concrete no-post and struck a rock face.

The driver and only occupant remained in the tractor until ambulance arrival with a possible serious head injury. The driver was then immediately transported to Kamloops Hospital, and was later determined to have significant injuries, including broken bones and head trauma.

Alcohol may have played a factor. A collision analyst was notified and attended. Highway traffic was reduced to single lane alternating for several hours.

Commercial trailers carrying glass windows went into Gamble Creek, along with some debris.

The investigation is still ongoing and is being conducted by the Clearwater Central Interior Traffic Services.

Do not drive while impaired

Over the past week Clearwater police officers have issued two separate 90-day immediate roadside prohibitions for driving while impaired by alcohol.

Please remember to plan a safe ride wherever you need to go if you’re going to be drinking.

Canada Day

Canada Day was a great day, with no calls for any police intervention at the festivities.

Traffic along the old highway by Dutch Lake beach in general seemed to really slow down and watch out for all the people coming and going from the beach.

Summer is here, and so is the heat

As a reminder to all pet owners, it is not okay to leave your pets in your car for even a few minutes to run into the store to grab milk, or whatever. It is simply too hot, and vehicles heat up too quickly. Just. Don’t. Do. It.

Also with the heat, there is the risk of fire.

As a friendly reminder to everyone who handles anything that burns, make sure it’s out before you leave it. Under the Wildfire Act in B.C., dropping, releasing, or mishandling a burning substance is an offense under section 3(1) and comes with a fine of $575.

This includes dropping a lit cigarette or cigarette butt on the ground.

Traffic statistics

Clearwater RCMP dealt with 16 files related to traffic complaints and/or bad driving during the past week

Approximate traffic statistics breakdown for the month of June:

• Not wearing a seatbelt – 7

• Using a cellphone/distracted driving – 4

• Other vehicle contacts – 99

• Speeding – 80

• Other – 42