RCMP Report: Five impounded in one day

In one day, Central Interior Traffic Services in Clearwater impounded five vehicles for seven-day impounds for excessive speeds

Times Staff

In one day, Central Interior Traffic Services in Clearwater impounded five vehicles for seven-day impounds for excessive speeds.

The speeds were between 145 km/hr and 167 km/hr in 100 km/hr speed zones on Highway 5.

Dutch Lake 30 km/hr speed zone reminder

Police remind motorists to slow down when driving through the 30 km/hr speed zone next to Dutch Lake Beach.

The penalties for traveling up to 21 km/hr over the posted speed limit are a $196 fine and three points.

If you go between 22-40 km/hr over the posted speed limit, the penalties go up to a $253 fine and three points.

Impaired report – stolen vehicle

Clearwater RCMP were advised of a possible impaired driver on Highway 5 northbound from Vavenby.

The BC license plate obtained showed the vehicle had been stolen from Barriere earlier in the afternoon.

Clearwater police patrolled north while Valemount RCMP patrolled south.

The vehicle was located near Valemount. The male suspect fled into the bushes and was not found.

The vehicle was recovered, towed and then secured to be returned to the owner after examined by the Forensic Team.

Later that night in Valemount another vehicle was stolen. Police are continuing to investigate.

Blue tarps look like body

Clearwater RCMP were called to report a suspicious occurrence near Phinetta Lake by Highway 24 west of Little Fort.

It was reported that a female was out hiking near some cliffs and observed what looks to be possibly a body at the bottom of a cliff, wrapped in a blue tarp or bag and with both ends taped up.

The female was hiking there two weeks ago when she first saw the item. The female photographed the tarped object and sent the pictures to the RCMP.

Police attended the location, rappelled down to the area and retrieved the items, which ended up being a bunch of bundled up tarps that were in garbage bags.

Thief steals fuel

Clearwater RCMP eceived a report of a suspicious person “creeping” around a yard in Blackpool.

The male may have been stealing fuel from jerry cans and possibly syphoning fuel from a vehicle.

Patrols were made with negative results in identifying the suspect.

Contact the RCMP immediately if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Suspicious occurrence

Clearwater RCMP were advised a suspicious trespass occurrence that occurred in the Flats area of Clearwater.

The family dog alerted the homeowners and chased a suspect down the street. The following morning a baseball bat was located left behind in the yard.

Police request the public call immediately if you find someone trespassing on your property so they are able to attend and look for the suspect.

Stolen dirt bike

A yellow Suzuki DR 400 dirt bike, helmet and goggles were recently stolen from Blackpool. The items had been locked and chained up.

If you have any information or know the whereabouts of this dirt bike, call Clearwater RCMP or Crime Stoppers (if you would like to remain anonymous).

Intoxicated by alcohol/drugs

Police were called to a Clearwater coffee shop as it was reported that a male was yelling, flailing his arms, causing a disturbance and possibly intoxicated or on drugs.

Police attended but found that the male had left. The male was identified. Police went to his residence and he had already made it to his nearby home.

Found property

A local male found an electronic tablet at the entrance to North Thompson Park and turned it over to the local police, who were able to identify the owner through social media messages.

The male was from Ontario and was located driving at Blue River.

The male turned around and came back to Clearwater to pick up his tablet. He was very happy the Clearwater resident had turned it in.

Neighborhood fight

Clearwater RCMP were called to Miller subdivision for a report of neighbors fighting.

The event started from a dog fight and escalated into one male assaulting the other male with a bat. The second male victim defended himself with a stick.

No injuries were sustained and the victim, who had been on his own property, did not want to press charges.

RCMP keep busy

Police also investigated the past week:

• Two files involving drug trafficking;

• Nine erratic driving traffic reports;

• One abandoned vehicle reports;

• Three abandoned 911 reports;

• Two theft reports;

• Two cause of disturbance reports;

• Four false alarm reports;

• An uttering threats report;

• One mischief report;

• Two assault reports;

• One landlord-tenant dispute;

• Two collisions;

• One check well-being report; and

• One counterfeit currency report.