Photos: The pros and cons of salmon farming

Students at Raft River Elementary debate the merits and demerits of aquaculture

(L-r) Alex Belle

Main photo: Raft River Elementary Grade 6 and 7 students (l-r) Alex Belle, Rylan Stelter, Vienna Wadlegger, Olin Coates, Nathan Lever (speaking), Hailey Irvine, Troy Venne, and Kiah Phillips take part in the Great Salmon Aquaculture Debate at the school. The project-based learning began last fall when their class went to look at salmon in Raft River but didn’t see any. They began to explore possible explanations why, including salmon farming.Photo by Keith McNeill


Left: GirlHailey Irvine presents the case for why salmon farming should not be allowed.Photo by Keith McNeill




Below: Members of the Yea side, (l-r) Alex Belle, Rylan Stelter, Vienna Wadlegger, and Olin Coates, discuss how to rebut their opponents’ arguments.Photo by Keith McNeill