The First Canyon hoodoos are among the many interesting features located in the Clearwater River corridor. The trail to the hoodoos is among those closed by BC Forest Service on Tuesday, July 11.

Forest Service closes trails and rec sites in Clearwater River corridor

All trails and rec sites between Clearwater and Wells Gray Park now off limits

The Forest Service trails and recreation sites located along Clearwater River corridor have been closed, according to information discussed during a Clearwater town council meeting held Tuesday, July 11.

Most are located along Clearwater Valley Road, which is the main access to Wells Gray Park. BC Parks closed the park to the public on Sunday morning.

Reason for the closures is the extreme fire danger.

The Forest Service sites and trails being closed are Clearwater River west, Gates Creek trail, Clearwater River trail, Spahats Creek (Road 80), First Canyon Creek hoodoo’s, Trophy Mountain tour, Floyd Shook-Ronacher trail, Canyon Creek trails, Clearwater River north, Moul Creek trail, Mahood River trail, and Silvertip Falls.

Although the situation could change, no other sites or trails are being considered for closure at this time.

All 19 Forest Service recreation sites in Tree Farm License 18 (located northwest of Clearwater) plus the recreation sites and trails located north of Clearwater to McBride remain open.