Killing bears, one way or another

B.C. hunters speak out about grizzly hunt, wildlife management

  • Aug 23rd, 2017

Becoming a Geopark would invite the world to visit

The Geopark proposal is a faster process than seeking World Heritage status

  • Aug 20th, 2017

Thank you from Williams Lake, with plenty of love

Love is the only rational answer to the problem of human existence

  • Aug 21st, 2017

Anyone will confess to anything under torture

So why would one give any credence to a confession obtained under “torture”

  • Aug 20th, 2017

B.C. Liberals ignored crucial fire-mitigation recommendation

The recommendation after the 2003 B.C. wildfires was mitigation to clean the fuel from under trees

  • Aug 19th, 2017

Impending provincial partnership a circus

Then again, Weaver could go to work on his bicycle

  • Aug 11th, 2017
Canada Day in Blue River and Clearwater 2017


    Clearwater Secondary School awards assembly 2017


      Raft River Elementary School awards assembly 2017


        Clearwater celebrates National Aboriginal Day


          Driverless vehicles can’t come soon enough

          I can hardly wait for the autonomous vehicles to take over the roads

          • Aug 12th, 2017

          Where is money, help for our soldiers?

          Khadr is the second man to have received $10 million for so-called torture

          • Aug 13th, 2017

          LNG would not have been good for B.C.

          Nothing to me symbolized the petro-thuggishness than the proposed Lelu Island gas plant

          • Aug 14th, 2017

          Community groups send boys to Camp Winfield

          This is the third year community groups, such as the Royal Purple, have helped cover the cost

          • Aug 8th, 2017

          Omar Khadr was a child soldier

          What is wrong with some of my fellow Canadians?

          • Aug 6th, 2017

          Thank you Barriere

          • Aug 4th, 2017

          Breastfeeding ensures good nutrition

          Aug. 1 - 7 is World Breastfeeding Week

          • Jul 31st, 2017

          Thank you signs from past times

          Will we remain distinct? We will remain the community we once were?

          • Jul 30th, 2017

          Clearwater Elks 499 make a report

          Already we have begun making donations to our community

          • Jul 29th, 2017

          Blackpool Fire Department says thanks for the support

          The worst of times brings out the best in our communities

          • Jul 27th, 2017

          Now is time to eradicate polio

          The reduction in polio infections is due in large part to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative

          • Jul 24th, 2017

          Plenty of confusion in reaction to Khadr settlement

          There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding regarding the $10.5 million given to Omar Khadr

          • Jul 22nd, 2017

          It is time we license cyclists?

          We have lost count of how many times ourselves or our dogs have come close to being hit

          • Jul 11th, 2017

          Complaints about Alberta refinery misplaced

          There’s been a not-so-subtle campaign against refining anything here in Canada

          • Jul 7th, 2017