Liabilities of a rapacious industry

Although climate change is a reality, our reliance on it to shrug off certain environmental changes is often overdone.

  • Oct 19th, 2017

Legion raises $3,000 for cenotaph

Surf and Turf dinner was very successful

  • Oct 18th, 2017

Millennials are fed up with climate dismissives

My generation knows the urgency that is needed to act on climate change

  • Oct 8th, 2017

LETTER: Scientific consensus favours human-caused warming

Sierra Club B.C. campaigner responds to Tom Fletcher column

  • Oct 5th, 2017

Taxpayer revolt coming amid financial burden

I see most people will be giving at least 50 per cent of their earnings for taxation

  • Oct 9th, 2017

Donald Trump has been a disaster

When the world’s biggest power pulls of the Paris Accord, this is an awful state of affairs

  • Oct 2nd, 2017
Dan Coleman Classic cross-country run 2017


    Clearwater Kayak Festival 2017


      A look inside the world of virtual reality
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      Raw Video: Field of Screams
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      Do the crime, pay the time

      I would encourage everyone to contact their politicians, to get stiffer penalties for serious crimes

      • Oct 1st, 2017

      Will Americans wake up to climate change in time?

      Donald Trump undoing anything that the Obama administration did in relation to climate change

      • Sep 26th, 2017

      Clearwater-Vavenby Legion plans new cenotaph

      Our goal is to have funding in place to enable us to dedicate the new cenotaph on Nov. 11, 2018

      • Sep 22nd, 2017

      Can President Trump change?

      Perhaps Hurricane Harvey will cause him to change his mind about climate change

      • Sep 16th, 2017

      Volunteer now appreciates hospital more

      The hospital became much more real after she dislocated her shoulder

      • Sep 14th, 2017

      Volunteer now appreciates hospital more

      The hospital became much more real after she dislocated her shoulder

      • Sep 8th, 2017

      English ladies charge age discrimination

      Former members of London’s Metropolitan Police seek names on online petition

      • Sep 4th, 2017

      Meat birds in Canada are free range

      Canadian free-range chickens are raised in large barns with some access to the outdoors

      • Sep 4th, 2017

      Why are fires not fought from beginning?

      Why is a small fire left to spread and grow into a huge state?

      • Sep 3rd, 2017

      Flooding in Houston may change minds on climate change

      Around 200,000 citizens of New Orleans never returned after Hurricane Katrina in 2005

      • Sep 2nd, 2017

      Small cells – big changes

      Once the microcell network is in place, we, along with wildlife, will be constantly bombarded

      • Sep 1st, 2017

      People should have opportunity to vote on new tax

      If you want my money have the decency to ask me up front so I can vote on it

      • Sep 1st, 2017

      Former faller says wildfire response mismanaged

      The initial firefighters should be loggers and first responders living in the same area as the fire

      • Aug 31st, 2017

      Speed and weed aren’t helping ICBC

      Readers call for electronic enforcement, car insurance competition

      • Aug 31st, 2017