With a 141 m (463 ft.) drop, Helmcken Falls in Wells Gray Park is the fourth highest waterfall in Canada when measured by total straight drop without a break.

Changes made to campsite reservations

Visitors to Wells Gray Park affected by campsite reservation changes

  • Thu Jun 1st, 2017 1:30am
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This new camping season brings a couple of changes to Discover Camping reservation service policies, according to Merlin Blackwell of Blackwell Park Operations, the contractor responsible for the campgrounds in Wells Gray Park.

Reservation customers now are permitted to identify up to two permit holder names that cannot be changed after the reservation is made. At least one of the named permit holders must be present during the stay and identification may be required to a keep a reservation valid.

Reservation holders are no longer able to change their arrival date if they book on or within seven days of a “release date.” Customers booking within this seven-day period who want to change their arrival date will have to cancel their reservation and re-book. Cancelled inventory is released the next day at 7 a.m. (PST) and will be available to all customers making a reservation at this time.

“Camping continues to be one of the best ways to get out in the summer with your family and friends and enjoy all that B.C.’s parks has to offer,” Blackwell said. “Endless activities are available such as canoeing, hiking, and swimming, just to name a few. Services such as canoe rentals and boat tours at Clearwater Lake in Wells Gray Park offer added value to visitors looking for fun activities to enjoy while camping.”

The park contractor added that, while camping continues to be an activity for everyone to enjoy, it is important to remember to enjoy the parks responsibly. With the parks expecting higher than usual visitor numbers, it important for visitors to behave appropriately as enforcement with all of the provincial authorities will be increased.

For all those looking to take advantage of camping in BC this summer, reservations can be made at www.discovercamping.com.