Vavenby youngsters enjoy track meet

Students competed against their own grade groups

Robyn Rexin

On Friday, June 16, Vavenby School’s primary teacher, Paige Coxon, put on a family track meet for her students. The rain was pouring down in the morning but the sun came out just in time.

The first event was the long jump. Nathaniel Weber helped Coxon do the measuring until it was his turn to jump. There were some very good results, even though the children were using the proper technique of jumping from the board. They were reminded to fall forward.

Students competed against their own grade group and prizes were handed out to the first place winners. Winners of the long jump were Nathaniel Weber for Grade 2, Zion Grant for Grade 1, and Charlie MacDonald Jones for Kindergarten.

The running races were next. Winners for the 100 meter were Nathaniel Weber for Grade 2, Zion Grant for Grade 1 (although that race was nearly a tie with his twin sister Nevaeh), and Kelsey Rexin for Kindergarten.

Winners of the 400 m race for the Grade 2 students was Moira Chrystal and for Grade 1 was Zion Grant. The Kindergarten students did not compete in that race.

The relay race was next. There were two teams, both made up of students from different grades. It was a close finish. Everyone got a prize.

Then the children played their choice of horseshoes or bocee ball. To end the day they had a water fight. Rules were given first of where they could not throw, such as at the face.To sum it up Zion Grant said, “That was the best water fight ever!”

For Fathers’ Day the students had been given picture frames that they decorated with rocks. The saying in the frame was “You Rock, Dad.”

Making gifts for Father’s Day

On Tuesday, June 13, the Vavenby Strong Start children made two different Fathers’ Day cards by having one of their hands painted by leader Mrs. Jody Phillips and pressing that hand down onto a piece of paper.

The cards had differnt verses. One was titled “So you’ll remember me when I was small” and the other was “I’m hooked on Daddy.” The first card looked like a hand print but for the second card the hand was turned side wards so that it looked like a fish. The moms completed that picture when it was dry by adding googly eyes, a mouth, bubbles, and a hook. When they were done, Phillips laminated them and the students took them home that day.

The last Strong Start class for this school year was on Tuesday, June 20.

Summer Reading Club for kids

There is a Summer Reading Club put on by the TNRD library branches. It is to motivate children to read regularly or be read to while school is out for the summer.

This will help students maintain their reading skills or promote them.

Registration for the program is free and started at the closest library branch in mid-June. Children get a special reading record to keep track of their reading.

If they read, or are read to, every day for seven weeks they receive a special Summer Reading Club medal.