Students at Vavenby Primary School celebrate the end of the school year. Pictured are (back, l-r) Moira Chrystal, Ethan Meidl, and Nathaniel Weber, (front, l-r) Zion Grant, Olivia Deglow, Nevaeh Grant, teacher Paige Coxon, Charlie McDonald Jones, Cate-Lin Tourond, Kelsey Rexin. Photo by Robyn Rexin

Vavenby School holds year-end assembly

Eighteen parents, grandparents and friends plus some children showed up for the year-end ceremonies

By Robyn Rexin

Eighteen parents, grandparents and friends plus some young children showed up for the Vavenby Primary School’s year-end ceremonies on Thursday, June 29 – the last day of the school year.

There was a Kindergarten graduation first. Teacher Mrs. Coxon called the three girls up to her one at a time and presented each with a diploma for passing Kindergarten.

Coxon then explained that all of the students had been working hard on creating poetry books. First, Ethan Meidl read his acrostic poem on eagles.

Then Kelsey Rexin, Nevaeh Grant and Charlie MacDonald Jones recited the poems that they had made up about themselves. Cate-Lin Tourond and Zion Grant read their poems on the five senses. Moira Chrystal, Nathaniel Weber, and Olivia Deglow read their poems last.

After this Coxon handed out thank you gifts to several parents who had been helpful. The presents were decorative flower pots containing plants.

Recipients were Allison Graffunder, Katherine Chrystal, Christina Fillion, and Val Bellows (noon hour supervisor and custodian).

Then Fillion gave a hanging basket to Coxon and one to Bellows. These were presents from the parents as thank yous.

Field trip to police station

The students had a few fun days to end the year. On Wednesday, June 21, they went on a field trip to the police station.

First, they went into the interrogation room where each boy was asked why he had stolen a certain item such as a bike.

Then all of the students were locked in jail cells except for Charlie MacDonald Jones. She got to watch the happenings through the security camera.

The children visited the police quads which are used for search and rescue.

They got to sit in the police cars. They were allowed to turn on all six sirens. The students explained that there was a different siren for a different emergency.

Most of the children were finger-printed while there and to make the morning more fun parent driver Christina Fillion was handcuffed.

Fun at the splashpark

For the afternoon the class went to the Clearwater water park. Unfortunately it was not a nice day weatherwise and the water was very cold.

A class from Raft River School was also there and handed out popsicles to the Vavenby students.

On Friday, June 23, the children went by bus to Raft River School for a water day. It was a sunny day so more conducive for getting wet. Students from Blue River School also joined in the water gun fights and played in the sand pit.

Bridge maintenance causes delay

There was a delay in crossing the Vavenby bridge on the morning of Thursday, June 22. The highways department was pressure washing it.

The bridge needs to be resurfaced, though, as well. There are gouges and holes in it, plus nails that are sticking up and just waiting for the tire of an unlucky motorist.