TNRD tightens up on plastic bags

Plastic bags will have to be separated from recyclables

Thompson-Nicola Regional District’s mixed recycling program will be undergoing a small change —

starting Sept. 5, the TNRD will no longer be able to accept plastic bags in with mixed recycling.

Because recycling recovery facilities throughout B.C. have changed to meet new standards, these facilities are no longer able to process plastic bags in mixed recycling loads.

Plastic bags can still been taken to any TNRD Eco-Depot or Transfer Station to be recycled separately. Residents should also check to see if their grocery store has a plastic bag “take back” program, or inquire at their local bottle depot for recycling options.

There are also many ways to reuse plastic bags, such as garbage bags in vehicles or smaller garbage cans, or as padding in parcels and packages. They are also handy when cleaning up after pets.

If bags can’t be reused or recycled, they can be disposed of in household garbage.

This change impacts the entire TNRD recycling program. This includes curbside collection in Cherry Creek, Savona, Tobiano, Blue River, Avola, Clearwater, Cache Creek, Ashcroft, Chase, Logan Lake and Merritt.

This change is also applicable to all TNRD Eco-Depots and Transfer Stations.

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