Abbygale Elliot doesn’t let a cast on her leg prevent her from receiving the Lori Pelton Memorial award during the year-end assembly at Raft River Elementary on Thursday morning. The award goes to the student or students on grades 4 - 7 who show the greatest effort. Other recipients this year were Joey Pelton and Lily Dulaba.

SLIDESHOW: Raft River Elementary recognizes student achievements

A wide variety of students were recognized during Raft River Elementary School’s year-end assembly

A wide variety of students were recognized during Raft River Elementary School’s year-end assembly on Thursday morning, June 29.

The assembly opened with a presentation by string musicians taught by Sandy Crane.

A Grade 7 and Kindergarten entrance saw youngsters who will enter Grade 1 next September being escorted into the gymnasium by Grade 7 students who will be going to secondary school in the fall.

Participants in a number of programs were recognized, including volleyball, basketball, flag football, track and field, Heritage Fair, young artists, young authors, Battle of the Books, Clearwater Fire Department’s poster contest, and the RCMP Bike Rodeo.

School staff leaving were recognized. These included Mr. McKenna, Miss Weddell, Mrs. MacDougall, Mrs. McGill, Mrs. Biagioni, Ms. Chapman and Mrs. Thompson.

New staff for Raft River include Mrs. Bradstock, Mr. Shymkiw, and Mrs. Johnson. Lori Bradstock, who was formerly the vice-principal at Raft, is returning to take Shaun McKenna’s place as principal.

Parents Advisory Council members recognized included chair Kirstin MacDonald, vice-chair Eleanor Collins, treasurer Tara Stelter, secretary Heather Adamson, and members Andrea Lamond, Sam Braaten, Kerry Milner Cairns, Lucy Taylor and Cherie Yurkiw.

The school awards given out included:

Citizenship – presenter: Mrs. Whitney; recipients: Vienna Wadlegger, Hannah MacDonald, Regan Yurkiw.

Service – presenter: Ms. McQuarrie; recipients: Rose Thon, Laci Hancock, Jaime Ball, Vienna Wadlegger, Braxton Hall, Dustin Hurst, Hannah MacDonald, Cassidy Tucker, Claire Arduini, Parker Collins, Sebastian Evans.

Sportsmanship – presenter: Mrs. Weatherall; recipients: Harris Thomas, Braxton Hall, Hannah MacDonald.

Top Athletes – presenter: Hilary Weddell; recipients: Braxton Hall, Parker Collins, Claire Arduini, Cassidy Tucker, Vienna Wadlegger.

Top Academic Students: – presenter: Natasha Holowaychuk, Lonette Tobin-Graffunder, Ashley MacDougall; recipients: Vienna Wadlegger, Hanna MacDonald, Kristen Regier, Braxton Hall, Katelynne Christensen.

Fine Arts – presenter: Liz Shook; recipients: Parker Collins, Braxton Hall, Isabella Graffunder, Dustin Hurst, Robyn Criss, Ember Simms-Godwin.

Lori Pelton Award – presenter: Dianne Bishop; recipients: Joey Pelton, Abbygale Elliot, Lily Dulaba.

Justin Frye Award – presenter: Doreen Allan; recipients: Reid Muddiman.

Courtney Buck Sunshine Award – presenter: Nicole Rushton; recipients: Martha Taylor, Hailey Irvine.

Principals Award – presenter: Shaun McKenna; recipients: Braydon Busse, Sebastian Evans, Ember Simms-Godwin.